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Are You Getting Paid What You Deserve?

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“I got a $13,000 raise and 20% more on my bonus – and invited to take on more responsibility with a chance at earning even more bonus pay.”
Roberto G.
Training and Development Manager

“Even after my boss told me there was a strict no negotiation policy and that 4% was all he was allowed to give (and even more excuses than that), I stuck to the plan and the script that I prepared and after 1.5 hrs he relented and told me he would check on it. Two days later, he came back and offered me a 30% raise. I couldn’t believe it! Sam is the real deal!”
Ren J.
Customer Service Manager

“I was able to negotiate $11,000 more in salary and 10% in bonus for a new job. Being able to gain the confidence and understand where the traps are to avoid accepting what was offered was huge.”
Rob B.
Production Planner

“My company has a very strict pay structure, but I was still able to negotiate $5,000 in bonus!”
Behzad R.
Product Manager